Green Leaves - Faq

Q1. What is Green Leaves Herbal Foot Spa Therapy?

It is a total detoxification process for the whole body using herbs and thermal effects.

Q2. What are the main benefits of this therapy?

Improve blood circulation, increase metabolism, relieve tension and detoxify the body of waste products.

Q3. How does it works?

It is easy. Just put your feet in the thermal foot spa machine, sit back, relax and enjoy while your health is improving.

Q4. How long is the process?

For a complete detoxification process, you need 30 to 60 minutes.

Q5. What kind of results would I expect?

During the 30 minutes therapy, your body will start to feel warm, slowly from the feet upwards. Eventually you will perspire.

Q6. Why must I perspire?

Perspiration is the body’s natural way of detoxification.

Q7. What if I don’t perspire?

For a normal healthy person, 30 minutes will be enough for the body to start perspiring. If you don’t perspire, we will increase the therapy by another 15 minutes, to a maximum of one hour.

Q8. Do I have to pay for the extra minutes?

No, the next 30 minutes will be free of charge. If you still don’t perspire after one hour, we must stop the therapy for safety reasons.

Q9. How often must I do this therapy?

For first-timers, we recommend this process:
- 3 days -> rest 1 day -> alternate days for one week -> once a week -> once a fortnight.

Q10. Do I have to do this therapy forever?

No, once you regain your health, you must exercise regularly and watch your diet.

Q11. Can anyone do this therapy?

No. Pregnant women are not allowed.
Patient recovering from major operations (less than 3 months from date of operation). Any person with open wounds on their feet.

Yes. Any person not on medication for serious illness. Hypertension & Diabetics can do under supervision. Women who are menstruating but not with heavy flow. Any person approved by the consulting physician.

Q12. What is the difference between Green Leaves Herbal Foot Spa Therapy and others in the market?

Green Leaves Foot Spa Therapy uses specially formulated herbs while others use aroma oils, essential oils, off-the-shelf herbs etc.

Q13. Why are the others not using herbs?

Our herbs are prepared after many years of research by our physician. The physician must be registered with the Ministry of Health as legal TCM practitioners.

Q14. Why can't I use the foot spa sold in supermarkets and shopping centres? They are cheaper.

Green Leaves Foot Spa Therapy requires the machine to be well controlled, otherwise it can cause harms. Therefore, quality must be good. Together with herbs, machine and process, it is a complete system.

Q15. There are many types of massages in the market. They improved blood circulation as well, so why is Green Leaves different?

Green Leaves Foot Spa Therapy not only improved blood circulation but it detoxifies our body waste products and toxins.

Q16. I can detoxify by taking detoxification products available in the market, so again why is Green Leaves different?

Green Leaves emphasizes detoxification the natural way, i.e. through perspiration. There are many forms of perspiration, like eating hot foods, rushing to work, doing housework etc. However, the metabolism from these activities is different.

Q17. Why is the metabolism different?

When a person perspires from exercises, he/she feels relaxed and refreshing. When a person perspires from working, rushing, eating hot foods etc, he/she feels tired.

Even though the end product is sweat, the metabolism is different.

Q18. I can go to a sauna and perspire too, so what's the difference?

Sauna uses external environment (heat) to force a person to perspire. Usually most people will perspire and most people will feel breathless and faint. It can be dangerous for people with medical problems to stay inside a sauna for too long.

Q19. Isn't perspiring in a sauna the same?

In a sauna, the environment is the same as under a hot sun. We will perspire but we will feel very tired too. This kind of perspiration does not mean it improves blood circulation. Contrary we feel faint because the brain lacks oxygen.

Q20. Now that we know exercises are important, so why do we need Green Leaves Herbal Foot Spa Therapy?

As a matter of fact, there are many people out there who can no longer get the kind of exercises. Old folks, legs problems, joint problems, hypertension people but they need careful supervision and controlled activities.

Green Leaves aims to provide an alternative for them to get back into good health first and subsequently to be able to get more exercises.

Q21. I walked and exercised everyday so I am already healthy. Why do I need Green Leaves?

As you can see in the papers, even able-bodied people who jogs and exercises everyday collapsed from heart attack. We can't see where our vessels are blocked. We don't know when it will happen.

With Green Leaves Therapy, we can feel our body conditions improving. Once we are back in good health, then we can go for more strenuous exercises.



















- 连续3天 –
休息1天 –






Q12: 市场绿叶中药足浴疗法和其他人之间的区别是什么?


Q13: 为什么别人不使用草药?


Q14: 为什么我不能使用足部水疗在超市和商场卖?它们更便宜。


Q15: 有许多类型的按摩器市场的。他们改善血液循环一样,所以为什么是绿色的叶子有什么不同?


Q16: 我可以通过服用市场上排毒产品以清热解毒,为什么是绿色的叶子有什么不同?


Q17: 为什么其他代谢有所不同?



Q18: 我可以去桑拿浴室和出汗过多,所以有什么区别?


Q19: 不出汗的桑拿一样吗?


Q20: 现在我们知道运动是很重要的,所以为什么我们需要绿叶中药足浴治疗?



Q21: 我行走,并行使日常运动,所以我已经健康。为什么我需要绿叶?