TCM Consultation and Treatment

Our physicians are qualified and registered with the Ministry of Health, Singapore. (details available at their website)

The Clinic provides Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, acupuncture, theurapatic massages etc

All our herbs and products are approved by the local authorities


General Medicine

Herbal Liquid

Herbal Capsule

Herbal Pills

Special Medicine

Sore Throat

Herbal vitalizer

Weight Loss

Reduction of Eye Floaters

Other Self MadeExternal Medicine

Anti-itch Lotion

Anti-itch Cream Paste

Injury/Inflammation Cream Paste

Hair Growth Spray



Heel/Shoulder Pain

Depression / Insomnia




Fire Cupping

Bandaging Stroke

Price List for TCM treatment

One-Time Consultation Fee


一次性诊费 : S$4.00

普通药品 药水 胶囊 药丸或片

180毫升-S$12.00 3 天量-S$6.003 天量-S$5.00

特别药品 腰灵散

S$2.50 per capsule

消脂灵 S$15.00每40克

凊翳明目 S$15.00每40克

青梅精丹 S$2.00每8粒


皮肤药水 S$3.00 per bottle (60ml)

伤膏 S$6.00 per box (20g)

生发喷剤 S$18.00 perbottle (150ml)

针灸 经络推拿

局部 S$10.00 per session 经络(伤科) S$10.00

五十肩/足跟痛 S$10.00 per session 拔罐 S$10.00

郁病/失眠 S$12.00 per session 抱扎 S$8.00

中风 S$20.00 per session

减肥 S$28.00 per session